Investing in commercial real estate? A rock-solid investment.

Investing in commercial real estate continues to offer plenty of opportunities. At Kolmont, we build for the long term. That’s why we focus on quality, location, and accessibility in every project. The ingredients for a smart investment. Whether you’re investing in a business space or building for your own use, or as a rental property.

Investing in your own business premises

Are you considering investing in your own business premises? An excellent way to achieve security. You build up real estate capital and can fully furnish and adapt the building to your own needs and taste. Moreover, you do not run the risk of having to move with your business unexpectedly.

In addition, you enjoy some tax advantages:

Commercial real estate as an investment

Commercial real estate can also be a stable investment for investors. As with any type of property, rental income provides you with a passive income. Investing in brick-and-mortar provides you with a higher return than the interest you get on your savings account, and it is a safe investment with little risk in the long term. Our new-build business premises are designed sustainably and are a valuable investment. You can achieve returns of up to 5%*. (*based on historical data)

Considering in investing in a business location or property? Our experts at Kolmont will be happy to advise you on the possible opportunities and risks. Our people know the market and provide tailor-made advice. So you can be sure of a smart, well-founded investment.

Our investment advisors stand by you, brainstorm solutions with you and handle the rental nitty-gritty. So you will have peace of mind. Because when you want to buy and lease out real estate, the administration, laws, and daily chores can eat your time. Let Kolmont handle it, from idea, to purchasing, to rental management. While you reap the rewards.

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Buying commercial real estate as an investment? Discover the many advantages!

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