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Kolmont was founded more than 20 years ago, in 2000. What started with a focus on land allotments and investments in retail properties has grown today into a company that is fully investing and developing for the future. Kolmont is a developer, investor, and buyer under one roof.

With each new project, we resolutely aim for the highest quality, liveability and sustainability. High-quality and architecturally well-thought-out commercial buildings, where your business can grow and prosper to the full. At strategic locations that are easily accessible and where it is pleasant to work. Secure investments for the future. And with an eye for mobility. We combine liveability and spatial vision, and we unleash the hidden potential of every location and neighbourhood.

Your business location for the future

Whether you are the business manager of a small to medium-sized company, or at the helm of a multinational. As an entrepreneur, you want a location with potential. Our experts go that extra mile every day by looking for the most strategic locations, and by purchasing and developing industrial buildings and land. All this is made possible by our extensive network in the sector.

Kolmont develops your SME unit, build-to-suit project or logistics warehouse that meets your wishes and needs. We will guide you through every step, listen to your needs, and create a customized solution that’s right for you. All of this with a sustainable focus. We make sure you have a safe, smart investment and your business is ready for the future.

Kolmont - Michel

“We don’t just build buildings; we build the sustainable ecosystems of the future. Our industrial and logistics parks are embedded in the environment, preferably mixed with other uses. They are aesthetically pleasing and future-proof.”

– Jeroen Van Neck, Kolmont Biz

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